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Hiroshima Pictures Snow Festival Theme Park  

This is a page of pictures from my friends and my trip to Fujikyu Highland (Japanese)*.

My friend Jim and I in the front seat of Fujiyama.

A picture of my friend and I in the very front car of the "King of Coasters," Fujiyama.

This is a picture of the layout of Fujiyama. The top of the hill is 79 meters (260.7 feet) above the ground. There is a 65 degree drop. You hit 130 km/h (80.6 mph) at the bottom of the first hill, which is a 70 meter (231 feet) drop. The total course length is 2,045 meters (6748.5 feet or 1.28 miles).

* You need to have the Japanese font loaded in your browser to view this page.
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