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(isc)2 - A link to CISSP and other certifications.
2CPU.com - A link to a page that discusses multiple processor machines.
ASP.NET - Link to a great site on how to write web pages using ASP.NET.
Bootdisk.Com - A link to a lot of bootdisk images for tons of operating systems old and new.
Broadbandreports - A link that has tools to test your broadband connection and search for a new provider.
CompTIA Home Page - A link to A+, Network+, Server+ and other certifications.
HTML Writers Guild - A link to the HTML Writers Guild Page.
MarketProShows.com - A link to computer sales shows.
Microsoft Training & Certification - A link to Microsoft's Training and Cerification Page.
OSx86 Project - Home - A link to information about running OS X on a PC.
Paul Thurrott - SuperSite for Windows - A good site for information about upcoming Windows products.
Porters Workshop - A link to some awesome ways to do stuff with HTML.
PriceWatch - A good link to find cheap computer components.
Special Characters for HTML - A link that will show how to input special characters into your HTML.
Unofficial eMachines Forums - Index page - A link for technical resources for eMachine computers.
WAMU - The Computer Guys - A link to The Computer Guys website.
Welcome to VMware, Inc. - A link to a copmany providing virtual machine software for workstations and servers.


Digital Press Royal Archives - A list of easter eggs in the Atari 2600 games.
Easter Egg Archive - Find some Easter eggs here. No, not the kind you can eat.


Blog of Brett and Debbie - Blog of Brett and Debbie
Home Page of Brett Hall - Home Page of Brett Hall
www.gwynandbearit.com - Her artwork is just so cute and innocent.

Fun Stuff

AtomFilms - Tons of viewable funny films.
Dancing People - Umm....don't really know how to describe this. See the site for yourself
Darwin Awards - Gene pool needs some cleaning every now and then.
David Letterman - Top ten lists and more.
Dilbert Zone - A link to the Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams. I think Scott has a spy hidden at my office for his material.
Flag Rules and Regulations - Basic information on how we should be treating our country's flag.
Flexicon - Play the unique game from MSN.
George Carlin - 7 words that you can't say?
ILMfan.com - Research stuff ILM has done.
Joe Cartoon - Some funny stuff goin' on here......
Joke and Prank software - Want to play a prank on someone?
Kids Games - A link to how to play all types of games for kids.
Online Etch A Sketch - Play with your old favorite online!!!
Simpsons - Simpsonss…'nuff said.
TheSpark.com - Many wonderful and funny tests.
Tokyo Disneyland - A link to Tokyo Disneyland.
Twas the Night Before MS Took Over the World - A great parody of the favorite.
VolcanoCam - Web site where you can watch Mt. St. Helens.
Welcome to Engrish.com! - Funny pictures of English that is just not right.
welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com - Just read the name of the site and you will star laughing. (You infidells)
Yeti Sports - A link to penguin baseball and other fun games


1980 games - Play old games.
Atari lives! - Yes, many people still play their old Atati, but in a new way.
AtariAge - Have you played your Atari today?
Canasta - Rules to how to play Canasta.
ClassicGaming - Site dedicated to all the old video games.
GamerTagRankings - Find out who has the top Gamerscore.
GamesWinners.com - Having trouble with a game? Need some help?
LEGO.com - Lego..who can resist?
Major Nelson.com - A blog site for XBOX.
Mame - An emulator to let you play with some of the old arcade favorites.
Massassi Temple - A link to a ton of downloadable content for Jedi Knight games.
Montezumas Revenge - Find the path to the end in this old game.
Operation Burnout - Find out what is going on with EA's game title Burnout (My favorite game).
Original Xbox Games on Xbox 360 - Find out what old Xbox game you have will play in your Xbox360.
QuarterArcade.com - Buy an old video game cabinet or parts from here.
Rules of card games Canasta - Find out how to play this card game. Never know when the power will go our and may have to spend quality time with the family.
Viva Piñata Wiki - Find out everything you need to know about Viva Piñata.
Xbox 360 Blog - Find out what my Xbox 360 is saying about me.
Xbox 360 Homebrew - Find out everything you need to know to write and play your own games on your Xbox 360.
Xbox 360 Live Leaderboards - Great tool to compare your Gamerscore to your friend's.
Xbox.com - XBOX Rules!!!
Xbox360Achievements.org - Find out everything you need to do to get all that Gamerscore.


Currency Converter - Convert any currency.
Jim Breen - WWWJDIC - Online Japanese Dictionary.
National Cherry Blossom Festival - Site for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.


TV Guide Online - What's on tonight, Pa?
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority - The official site for the Washington, DC metro system.
Zillow.com - Find out how much your property may be worth.


RedHat - Good version of Linux available for download here.


Linux Journal - Magazine about everything Linux.
Maximum PC - Great magazine.
MCP Magazine Online - Microsoft Certified Professional Online Magazine.
Windows IT Pro - The independent resource for Microsoft products, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000.


Army Bands Online! - A link that contains information concerning the Army Bands of the United States.
The United States Army Field Band - A link to the organization that I work for.


Adiemus Unofficial Home Page - Awesome music group that I discovered while in Japan.
Alanis Morissette - Hatred? Love? Jealosy? Peace? Great music.
Dave Matthews Band - DMB…'nuff said.
Enigma Search Results - A link that will bring up search results for the music group Enigma. More good music.
Epsilon - A link to a site that is dedicated to ambient music.
Genesis Search - A link that will bring up search results for the group Genesis.
Genesis-Music.com home - In the beginning, it was Peter, then Phil. Find out all about the band at their official site.
Hootie and the Blowfish - This is the Official page for them. You can get lyrics, pictures,concert dates and even order things directly from their page.
Joe Robinson - A link to Joe's home page.
JoeHisaishi.com - Great composer who has done the music for most of Hayao Miyazaki's movies.
McFarland Double Reed Shop - A link to a place for ordering double reed supplies and music. Pat McFarland is also the English Horn Player for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
Miriam Stockley - Official Website - Lead singer for Adiemus group.
Official Enya Website - Just relax…….
Official Jan Hammer Web Site - Remember the music from Miami Vice?
Pachabel Rant - A comedian ranting about how Pachabel's music is everywhere.
Ray Lynch - Home Page - Web site of a new age artist who has made some great music.
Really Useful Company - Website for all of Andrew Lloyd Webber's broadway shows.
Tayberry Music - Celtic Music - A place where you can order musicical instruments, music, CD's and other things from Scottish decent.
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Homepage - Site for an awesome wind orchestra.


CNN - All news, all the time.
The Register - Computer news.
Watauga Democrat - A link to the newspaper in my home town.


ASU School of Music - A link to a good school of music in my home town.
Watauga High School - A link to the high school that I graduated from.


1-AA Football Poll - A link to the 1-AA football poll.
Atlantic Coast Conference - A link to the best Basketball conference in the United States of America.
Carolina Hurricanes - A link to my favorite NHL team.
Carolina Panthers - A link to my favorite NFL team.
Charlotte Bobcats - A link to my favorite NBA Team
College Basketball Polls - A link to current college basketball polls.
Duke - Mens Basketball - A link to my favorite NCAA basketball team.
GoDuke.com - nuff said.
Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Home Page - A link to the English page for the official Sumo wrestling page in Japan.

Study Stuff

Cram Session - Find out how to cram everything about computers into your head.
Evolution of NTFS - Find out how the files system has gone through changes since its birth.
Technical Resource Site of Jack - Good site for a lot of technical resources.


Deep Gap, NC - NOAA - A link for the weather in my home town.
Deep Gap, NC - Weather Channel - A link for the weather in my home town.
National Hurricane Center - Find out what is brewing out there.
Severn, MD - NOAA - A link for the current weather conditions where I live.
Severn, MD - Weather Channel - A link for the current weather conditions where I live.
Tokyo, Japan - Weather Channel - A link for the current weather conditions in Tokyo.

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